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I read the script and knew the story, but when it came to writing the songs, it was more just me writing for myself — feeling how I felt about life, and relating to the character. I worked on every one of the songs except for the really poppy stuff.

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The music you hear on the soundtrack was played by my band, and I produced those songs with everybody. He does a great job vocally with that song, and lyrically I love it.

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I loved how that one came together. We naturally evolved that way because we were all hanging out together.

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At the same time, Bradley was watching me playing and my mannerisms, and took a lot from that for his character. Jackson Maine is a mix of the rock-and-roll guys and the country guys. The live performances were shot at actual festivals. Was it surreal to play in a fictional setting? The first song I wrote was when I was 11 years old.

I kept honing my skills and never looked back. Dad was always dad to me. There were moments when I was young when I understood we were in the entertainment industry. What I was struck by was that many people from all walks of life all over the world really loved him — not just as an entertainer, but as a person. Fall 20th Anniversary Issue. Music Style Culture Video. Twitter facebook youtube instagram. By Rob LeDonne. Share Tweet. These two people had each paid to name the same star.

The International Astronomical Union IAU is the official international body of astronomy, and is the only official authority to name objects in space. Recently, the IAU approved new names for 86 stars used by other cultures besides the traditional Arabic, Greek, or Latin names, including four stars that now officially bear names based on their Aboriginal Australian names.

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Besides naming, the IAU serves a number of other roles such as science and classification of various objects. The IAU is potentially most recently famous for its determination that Pluto is not a planet, but a dwarf planet. Every type of object has a different set of rules for naming. For example, asteroids have a set of different rules to comets. For some objects, the discoverer can name it something they'd like.

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Asteroid Fredwatson is named after the famous Australian astronomer Fred Watson , and discovered by his friend, the Scottish-born Australian astronomer Robert McNaught. An object like a comet can be named after the person who discovered it, as is the case of Comet McNaught — this time named after McNaught himself. If that person finds multiple comets, all must have that name so there are more than 50 Comet McNaughts! Sometimes, an object is important enough that the public are given their say.

Discoverers can open up the name to a vote, such as MU 69 in Kuiper Belt, the next target for the New Horizon's probe. Even stars have a way of officially being named or designated.

How much of the human body is made up of stardust?

Some bright stars — ones that have been visible to humans through history — have proper names such as the new ones mentioned above. But most have alphanumeric names or designations. These numbers, while sounding boring, belong to one of two naming schemes. Some follow an alphabetic order based on brightness and the constellation they are in. Alpha is always the brightest star in the constellation followed by the constellation name. The other method is actually the star's coordinates in space, their space latitude and longitude , or an officially recognized catalogue number.

This means it is easy for another astronomer to look up and locate an object, without having to look up a database of the object's name, and then find its position via a telescope. You may not agree with this naming convention. Various astronomers may or may not agree with this.

Who wrote the soundtrack for A Star Is Born – and where can you listen to the music?

But that's the way it works. The IAU has this advice for anyone looking to buy a star name:. As an international scientific organization, the IAU dissociates itself entirely from the commercial practice of "selling" fictitious star names, surface feature names, or real estate on other planets or moons in the Solar System. If you are happy to buy a star from one of these companies, and know it won't be recognized but it means something to you, then please go ahead.

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I completely respect that. But you can also choose your own star, perhaps one that you looked at together, to think of a person.

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Then you can go out and observe the beauty of the night sky for free, and remember them. You can even use one of our large telescopes, SkyMapper , and get an image of that star for free. Read more: Curious Kids: Why do stars twinkle?