Being a Calm, Cool You

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Some things you simply cannot change. However, you can accept these as things beyond your control and let go of your need to control them. You can also view them as learning experiences from which you can grow. Make a plan. Write out a plan with attainable goals and a timeline for reaching those goals. Additionally, many stressful situations are avoidable. If you prepare ahead of time for important events and make contingency plans, you may not have to cope with as much stress later. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be realistic. Learn from your experience, but let it go.

Take one step at a time.

For Your Heart: Stay Calm and Cool

Just focus on one small goal at a time. Show yourself patience and kindness as you enact your plans. Remember that personal growth is hard work that does not come quickly.

How to Stay Calm Consistently : Psychology & Mental Health

Stop procrastinating. Procrastination often results from fear and anxiety, which can stop us dead in our tracks. Often, perfectionism is a culprit. Fortunately, you can learn some techniques to help you overcome procrastination and the stress it can cause.

Remember that you can control what you do: you can do your best and write your best essay. The rest of it is out of your hands. Instead, aim for your personal best and avoid making assumptions about yourself based on outcomes.

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However, someone who is aiming for her personal best could reframe this: she knows she did the best she could and she can be proud of that effort, regardless of what the grade on the essay says. These insidious thoughts can encourage you to beat yourself up over things that are out of your control. Everyone makes mistakes in life. Practice mindfulness. Stress can be a great motivator.

Mindfulness techniques can help you notice when you experience stressful sensations and acknowledge those feelings without judging them. This will help you avoid focusing too much on the stress. It may sound a little silly, but this exercise can help you learn to slow down and focus on the present moment. As you interact with your handful of raisins, you will pay careful attention to each element of your experience, acknowledging it to yourself.

Try it for 5 minutes a day. Take one between your fingers and hold it. Turn it around, notice its texture, its ridges and valleys. Make a mental note of what the raisin feels like. Examine the raisin visually.

7 Things Calm People Do Differently | HuffPost Life

Take time to really see the raisin, as though you were an explorer from another world whose first contact with Earth is this remarkable wrinkled thing. Notice its colors, its shape, its textures. Smell the raisin. Hold the raisin to your nose and take a few deep breaths. Enjoy any aroma that you smell.

14 methods for mind over matter.

Try to describe it to yourself. You may even find that certain raisins smell different than others! Place the raisin on your tongue. Notice how it feels there. Can you feel the weight? Can you move it around your mouth, exploring how it feels in different places? Taste the raisin by taking a small bite. Notice now how you move your mouth as you chew it. Notice how the texture and taste of the raisin respond to your chewing.

Swallow the raisin.

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Try to see if you can follow the raisin as you swallow. What muscles are you using? What does it feel like? Try a self-compassion break. We can get so wrapped up in the daily stresses of our lives that we become accustomed to judging ourselves for them.

Stay Cool: 7 Tips to Help You Keep Calm Under Pressure

A quick self-compassion break for just 5 minutes can help you become more mindful of when you are being harsh with yourself. Notice any sensations of stress in your body, or any emotions you are feeling. Place your hands over your heart or wrap your arms around yourself to give yourself a hug.

The Greater Good in Action center at Berkeley has a bunch of other evidence-based exercises that you can practice at their website. Use the RAIN reminder. It stands for: [33] R ecognize what is going on. Consciously notice and recognize whatever is going on right now, in this moment. This means acknowledging feelings or thoughts that seem negative as well as those that seem positive. This means that you acknowledge whatever is going on in your mind and heart without judgment. Instead, notice them and acknowledge even the unpleasant thoughts and feelings as valid parts of your experience. This crucial part involves showing yourself and others compassion as you investigate your present moment.

Ask yourself what your thoughts and feelings reflect about your beliefs and needs right now. She makes me so mad.

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  5. I made a mistake that I can acknowledge. My partner said things that made me angry, but I know she also loves me. We can work together to solve this issue. Allow yourself to acknowledge that you may have negative experiences or feelings without them defining who you are. Meditation is all about being quiet and accepting in the present moment. In fact, meditation can over time even rewire how your brain responds to stressors!