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Qatar Change Country. He is strong and true, but his journey wasn't any simpler than Wil's — for he had to traverse from his well ordered world — first in the military and than in Constabulary — to the world where faith plays the central role. It is blind faith Dallin can't accept, something that endeared his character to me immensely. For probably the first time, Dallin doubts: his ability to be true Guardian to his Aisling, true lover to Wil, true to his people, true to both Father and Mother — when it seems he will have to betray one to stay true to the other.

There is a soft core, reserved mostly for Wil, beneath all Dallin's steel.

Rigel Sky (A Reese Calder Novel)

If there is one excerpt that speaks of who Dallin is, it's this one: "See, I believe in you—whoever or whatever you are, I believe in you, because I've touched your heart. I touch your soul every night when we sleep and you let me in. And so I keep thinking you believe in me, and when I have the fact that you don't, maybe can't, slam me in the face, it… well, it rather winds me, I think. The writing was beautiful, both evocative and introspective.

It irrevocably bound me to the characters and it didn't let me go until the final page. I liked watching the changes in our protagonists, but I adored the fact that, in spite of these changes, they stayed true to their personalities and one another. They choose one another over and over again. The trials were not the only thing between them. A bloody magnet, me. The ending left me with a satisfied smile on my face. Wil and Dallin are now one of my favorite literary couples. So, you may ask, why 4. First, let me be clear that this rating was for this book alone — I have no qualms about giving five stars to the complete trilogy.

Perhaps, that is part of the problem: this is more one huge book than three separate books and I strongly advise, especially new readers, to read them in order and close to each other, because they require you to have multiple clues and story lines in mind. The book is a bit too long: more of the page time could have been devoted to Wil and Dallin as a couple in tranquil moments. I accepted that Wil and Dallin were extraordinary, even in their roles of Aisling and Guardian, but I wanted more or better explanation of how they just knew some things about their respective roles.

Finally, the author left a big door open for the sequel, although this particular story is done. Perhaps, that should have been made clearer as it can unnecessary confuse the readers. In the end, Aisling , and Beloved Son as part of it, was excellent epic which could easily find its place in the mainstream publishing.

boundary convergence a reese calder novel book 2 Manual

Until Carole offers us something new, enjoy reading this magnificent epic of hers. Highly, highly recommended. Written for Reviews by Jessewave. My review comments to the earlier books in this series apply equally well to this one. If you don't like intensely character-focused stories, don't bother with Cummings. That's really what she's all about. And even more so than in the previous installments, since large parts of this book take place in the dream plane.

Rigel Sky (A Reese Calder Novel)

I do have some quibbles with Cummings' writing, built up over the course of reading both this series and her Wolf's-Own books in quick succession. She has some favorite prose tricks My review comments to the earlier books in this series apply equally well to this one. She has some favorite prose tricks, like stringing multiple words together -- wantitwantitwantit and similar -- and she uses some expressions like "Huh" and descriptions like "narrowed" eyes over and over and over.

These sorts of habits aren't uncommon amongst authors -- for example, Jim Butcher is infamous for his constant descriptions of "arched" eyebrows and "rolled" shoulders -- but it can still be an annoying weakness. Fortunately, such minor faults are much overshadowed by the way she brings the interior lives of her characters to life. Sure, the angst quotient may be artificially enhanced for the sake of the drama -- but there's absolutely no doubt that you'll feel the struggles of those characters.

There's nothing ho-hum or dispassionate about these guys, that's for sure. Feb 19, P. This is the amazing and wonderful climax to the Aisling trilogy: I am still sitting in awe of the sweeping epic and the incredible use of language. The love between Wil and Dallin is their strength and perhaps the route to triumph for their enemies, but Carole Cummings brings all together in the grand culmination of three volumes of fear, flight, growth of trust, and at last, battle. If I ever write something half this good, I will have done well.

Keeping this short and sweet: chock full of action and excitement, but straying just a little too far into "religiousness" for me. Thank heavens there's some real sex in 3. Such a dirty mind. Desperately hoping for book four! The story isn't over yet. I guess a simple 'I really liked it' isn't going to do it this time, huh? Too bad, because it is so much easier to explain why I don't like books. This book felt like a decent culmination of the first two books.

Much more of it takes place internally, in the dreamworld and in the MCs heads , but seeing that Wil is a dream himself, that was kind of a given. Also, Gods don't manifest themselves on the physical plane, so if they are taking an active part, we'll have to move inward. I happen to lik I guess a simple 'I really liked it' isn't going to do it this time, huh? I happen to like introspective books. I happen to like characters that are flailing. Wil and Dallin flail most deliciously. Dallin has run into the one thing he isn't able to take in stride: the blind faith and adoration of his countrymen, for whom he is pretty much the messiah.

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With his past experiences, he can't stand for people to look at others that way, especially not himself. He feels woefully unprepared for the task ahead, he keeps being told he is woefully unprepared by the Elders who have their own issues with blind faith, but slightly different, and he is convinced it is going to cost him his life, Wil's life or both, never mind the fate of the rest of the world. He struggles with how to prepare Wil, who has been unconscious for days and is barely back among the living when everything starts to come to a head.

Wil, on the other hand, has barely been conscious for a total of two days after he and Dallin first had sex. One day in Chester, one day in Lind. He struggles with the concept of feeling love, and being loved for who he is, not what he is. He wants to believe it's happening, but can't quite believe it all the same.

With his background love, shame, abuse and hurt are tightly interwoven and he can't bring himself to dig into that mess to face the shame, to sort it out. When Dallin doesn't share everything with him, what does that mean about how he views Wil? It takes time and effort for Wil to move beyond his knee-jerk reaction.