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Every TV show that gets cancelled has "reasons" to explain its demise; in Bonanza 's case, there were the stories of how, in its new time slot, it was "put up against popular TV 'Movies of the Week,' including Ben-Hur and Cleopatra. But the fact of the matter is that no one really cared to watch the show any more after the passing of the beloved Hoss.

Somehow it just wasn't the same. The show fulfilled its dismal final season of , then went off into rerun and syndication heaven, the final resting place of even the greatest of TV shows. The final season of Bonanza , the "season without Hoss," is by far the least popular and least requested season in the show's rerun package. Ever since it was introduced in , Pictionary has been a party game that requires artistic ambition but not necessarily any artistic talent. For more on the game that people seem drawn toward, keep reading.

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Robert Angel was a waiter working in Seattle in the early s when he struck upon an idea to liven up social parties. Angel would pluck a random word from a dictionary and then attempt to illustrate it, making partygoers guess the word. When Angel saw Trivial Pursuit take off in , he decided to see if his game had any potential on the mass market. Under the Angel Games banner and joined by a third partner, accountant Terry Langston, Angel distributed the games to stores himself. They were unable to afford the molding process to make different game pieces, so Everson used blank dice with different colors.

To assemble all the pieces, including the game board and playing cards, Angel moved everything he owned to his bedroom so he had room for eight banquet tables and , cards that had to be hand-collated. Business took off when the Nordstrom department store decided to place an order.

Scientists film death of white blood cell for first time and discover alert system

The game was soon produced by Western Publishing, makers of Golden Books. By the late s, stores could barely keep the game in stock. Demand for Pictionary crested in , when stores were low on inventory. According to Gannett News Service, shortages prompted one fistfight over the last copy of the game in a California store, while another copy was plucked from a shopping cart at a Target in Minneapolis. In , the National Multiple Sclerosis Society hosted an auction tied into Pictionary by offering the chance to bid on celebrity renditions of words and phrases.

Like many board games before it, Pictionary was eventually adopted for game show purposes. The first iteration aired in and was hosted by actor Brian Robbins Head of the Class. A second Pictionary premiered in September Hosted by actor Alan Thicke Growing Pains , the show featured celebrities playing against contestants. During the taping of one episode, actor Erik Estrada CHiPs got a bit too overzealous celebrating a correct answer and threw his arms out, knocking guest Bill Maher to the floor.

The series could probably have used more of that energy: It was canceled after one season. In an effort to explore the ability of artificial intelligence to recognize images, the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Seattle debuted a picture-guessing game called Iconary in Modeled after Pictionary , the software allows humans to depict a word or concept from a selection of icons.

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The machine, AllenAI, tries to guess the meaning of the image. Players can also try to understand what images AllenAI is displaying. You can play on the Iconary website. In , Mattel introduced Pictionary Air , which allows players to use a stylus to draw in the air and have their illustrations appear on a television or other monitor via a Chromecast streaming device. In the late s, the rumor started circulating among Beatles fans that "the Cute One" had died in a car crash in The band felt bad about lying to loyal fans, however, and began leaving clues in the album artwork to tip them off.

One such "clue" was the entire cover of the Abbey Road album. Fans deduced that a simple picture of the band crossing the road was actually meant to depict a funeral procession. John, in white, was the clergyman. At some point during the brief shoot, he kicked them off. They didn't have much time to get the shot—because photographer Iain Macmillan had to perch on a stepladder in the middle of the very busy street, while police had to help stop traffic.

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So the Fab Four crossed the road one way, and Macmillan snapped three pictures. They let some traffic go by, then crossed the other way for another three pictures. Six pictures—that was it. Though the photo arrangement was his idea, it was intended to show the Beatles walking away from the studio where they had spent so much time for the better part of a decade—not fuel more rumors.

BY Eddie Deezen. The Death of Dan Blocker After 13 seasons of playing Hoss Cartwright, the easy-going, "gentle giant" brother on Bonanza , actor Dan Blocker died unexpectedly, shortly before filming was to begin for the final season The Lack of Hoss While "Forever" never directly dealt with the actual circumstances of Hoss' or Blocker's death, many scenes were obvious references. Filming While Grieving The episode was actually cathartic for the show's stars, as well as the crew. The Ratings Although "Forever" did garner huge ratings for the show, Bonanza was clearly on its last legs, despite its lingering popularity.

According to the third-century C.

Jewish tractate Semahot , men could only prepare the corpse of a man, but women could prepare both men and women. Literary depictions often suggest that perfumes or ointments were used for this washing. The body was wrapped and bound in strips of cloth. Thus prepared, male relatives and friends would carry the corpse in a procession toward the place of interment, accompanied by friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Jewish funeral processions made their way from the family home to the family tomb. Members of the immediate family placed the body in the tomb while friends and relatives waited outside. Personal effects of the deceased might be placed in the tomb alongside the body: archaeologists have found an inkwell, jewelry, combs, and sandals.

Some tombs include an area that appears to have been the setting for lamenting and eulogizing the deceased. Some literary sources describe a ceremony in which friends and neighbors arranged themselves in rows in order to offer condolences to the bereaved in a kind of receiving line m. The ceremony of primary burial seems to have often included spoken words in appreciation for the dead and in sympathy for the bereaved. After primary burial, the procession returned to the family home, where expressions of condolence continued.

Rituals of death continued for several days thereafter. Literary sources, including John 11 , agree that for the first seven days, the immediate family remained at home in mourning.

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If mourners left the house during this time, it was presumed that they would go to the tomb. After seven days, most aspects of ordinary life resumed. The death of a parent was an exception: children mourned their parents for a full year, until the time of secondary burial. At that time, in a private ceremony, family members returned to the tomb, took the bones of the deceased from their resting place on a shelf or a niche, and placed them in a niche, pit, or ossuary. The ossuary, which might be marked with the name of the deceased, was then placed either on the shelf, on the floor, or in a niche.

When a loculus niche became filled with ossuaries —and some loculi have been found to contain as many as five or six—it could be sealed with a stone slab.

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Archaeological evidence has been decisive in the interpretation of some New Testament texts about tombs, graves, death, and burial. And the Lazarus narrative in John 11 accurately represents typical customs of mourning, tomb construction, and grave wrappings.

Byron R. McCane Professor, Wofford College. McCane is the Albert C. Outler Professor of Religion at Wofford College where he is also chair of the religion department. He has been a field supervisor at excavations in Israel and Jordan.

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In the Gospels, the sisters Mary and Martha are mentioned only in Luke and John, but they figure prominently in many early and medieval Christian traditions. Another name often used for the area of Israel and Judah, derived from the Latin term for the Roman province of Palaestina; ultimately, the name derives from the name of the Philistine people.