How To Understand Yourself

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Most of the work done to understand personality has been conducted on the adjectives that people use to describe each other words such as happy, sad, nice, hard-working, and creative. Psychometric specialists have given extensive lists of such adjectives—sometimes as single words, sometimes as phrases, and sometimes as sentences—to many thousands of people, and used statistical techniques referred to earlier to determine how the words group together.

People who are likely to describe themselves as sad, for example, are also more likely to describe themselves as fearful, anxious, uncertain and volatile, and less likely to describe themselves as cool, collected, calm and stable.

10 Easy (But Powerful) Ways to Understand Yourself Better

The same applies in other domains: people who are nice are compassionate, empathic, caring and soft, while their polar opposites are hard, competitive, blunt and tough. The two just described correspond to neuroticism and agreeableness, respectively. The three remaining dimensions include extraversion, which is a measure of sociability; conscientiousness, a measure of dutifulness and reliability; and openness to experience, a measure of creativity and interest in ideas.

The understandmyself. Colin DeYoung, Dr.

Lena Quilty, and Dr. Jordan B Peterson in Dr.


Peterson's lab extends the Big Five description, breaking down each of the five traits into two higher-resolution aspects. When you are thinking about persuading other people, it can be very helpful if you can take time to understand yourself and your motivation. If you can do this, you will be better able to persuade.

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In this consider what it is you exactly want from the interaction and why this is so. What are you really seeking?

Understand Yourself

Also consider external forces on you, for example pressures from home, work, friends, the law and so on. This includes what you seek and how you seek it.

Round Pegs for Round Holes

Many of our actions are driven by what other people want. Understanding this can make our persuasive choices much clearer. In personal reflection about wanting to ask a woman on a date, a man thinks about how he really feels about her, how he should behave on the date and what impression he wants to create. A sales person builds self-confidence and consequently engenders confidence in others by knowing herself deeply.

Knowing Yourself: Thoughts From Swami Rama On Life

To help this, she undergoes a set of personality tests and reflects on the findings in order to know and accept herself better. Of course understanding yourself is a lifetime's work and few of us get close to this. Yet when you are seeking to persuade, it can still be helpful to pause and wonder what you want from the persuasion.

This in itself does not need much understanding, but when you ask 'why?

Cultural Enrichment

This can create insights that change how you go about the persuasive process. Culture , Identity , Motivation , Power. More Kindle book s: And the big paperback book. Look inside.

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