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Two years later, the Japanese brand became a partner of FIBA and for the last 35 years, we have enjoyed a tremendous partnership together. We are pleased to provide a much-improved game ball for the most important international basketball event in the world.

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The new official game ball features unique technologies while maintaining its traditional and authentic look. We look forward to watching players perform at their maximum level with added confidence. It is our conviction that the real game happens only when impeccable balls enable players to reach their full performance and push performance to the limit. For further information about FIBA, visit fiba. No portion of FIBA.

Molten Lava Vs Giant Ice Block Experiment

By accessing FIBA. Your suplied Email address xxxxx fiba. Share now:.

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The throne is vacant: France and Australia complete Semi-Final field. About Overview How to Qualify?

Competition System Trophy Media. Negative ions are attracted to the positive anode, and are discharged by losing electrons. For example, in the two cases above, you would get chlorine or bromine formed. The loss of electrons means that oxidation is taking place at the anode.

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It is essential to realise that in the melt, ions are moving, whereas in the circuit electrons are moving. The simplest way of thinking of the power source is as an electron pump.

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For every two Br - ions discharged, two electrons are deposited on the anode. You can think of the power source as pumping the electrons along the wires to fill up the gaps appearing in the cathode, and at the same time pumping away the new electrons being released at the anode. If this is the first set of questions you have done, please read the introductory page before you start. Essential ideas Conduction of electricity through metals and carbon The flow of electricity through a metal or carbon is due to the movement of electrons.

Electrolysis Electrolysis is defined as a chemical change produced when electricity is passed through a substance which is either molten or in solution. Electrolytes An electrolyte is a compound which undergoes electrolysis.

FIBA and Molten unveil next generation basketball, set for debut at World Cup in China

It also follows, of course, that an electrolyte must contain ions. Electrodes, cations and anions The electrodes are the pieces of carbon or metal which are placed in the electrolyte and connected to a dc power source. Discharge of ions at the electrodes What gets discharged at the electrodes during electrolysis depends on whether the electrolyte is molten or in solution. We are starting with the simpler case - where the electrolyte is molten. The electrolysis of molten electrolytes Experimental One of the common compounds to electrolyse molten is lead II bromide - partly because the products are easily visible, and partly because its melting point isn't too high.

An experimental set-up would look something like this: Nothing happens at all until the lead II bromide is molten.

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What is happening? Nothing happens until the compound is molten because the ions aren't free to move. At the cathode Positive ions move to the cathode the negative electrode. For example, electrolysing molten lead II bromide gives lead at the cathode: Or if you electrolysed molten sodium chloride: Notice that the gain of electrons at the cathode means that reduction is taking place here.

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At the anode Negative ions are attracted to the positive anode, and are discharged by losing electrons. You could also show these equations as: The loss of electrons means that oxidation is taking place at the anode.