Several Practical Cases of Conscience Resolved

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If they're bored, tired, have spent too much time in a scene, or a human is ordering something they don't want to do, they can say those magic words and ask for what they need. No real sex, no touching of genitals, no touching of people who are naked.

Four Conflict Negotiation Strategies for Resolving Value-Based Disputes

Racism or comments about the body of the players are prohibited. When recreating a public sex scene, one you want other players to witness, it needs to look like sex; this will be covered in the workshop. There will be a workshop where we will explain how to depict sex and violence. We will also use different colored ribbons to communicate the experience the player wants to consider experiencing:.

Everyone can be involved in a shooting and might die because of a gunshot. You need to negotiate off-game before the scene from now until the scene happens with a player that wears the ribbon or in the facebook group for negotiations. Victims and abusers can start negotiations in a facebook group we'll open as soon the casting process is ended.

When the scene has started any of the players can should use the safe words to ask for more intensity or to slow down the scene. Disclaimer: Being treated as an object could have a strong impact on your emotions. If you have personal issues that may worsen from this type of play, a larp is not the place to self-medicate or to try to resolve those issues. In this case, please consider not playing these scenes. This is an out of game space that works as a safety net for the players.

If your play is having any negative impact on you, you can come here and eat, rebalance, relax, or get a hug.

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Gamemasters or other players can ask if a player is ok with this sign:. This hand signal, which means the player doesn't quite know how they feel, or that it's neither good or bad. This should be treated as a thumbs down by the person doing the asking. Please ask the player if they want to get to the safe space. Please bring the player to the safe space.

John Owen - What Are Evidences That We Have Received Christ? - Cases of Conscience Resolved (2 of 9)

Please inform us about any health problem or allergies we should take into consideration and the way to deal with it. We also want to know any player that can volunteer help to our First Aid Team. We have a first aid kit but this does not include medication, everyone has to bring their own.

Feel free to raise any complaint to our Safety Team, each complaint received will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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Not Only Larp definition of harassment may not necessarily align with legal definitions of harassment. Therefore, attendees should regard the following guidelines as expectations of conduct in addition to legally actionable actions. In other words, the legal expectations of tangible proof are not necessary for the Safety Team to take action upon a complaint. This harassment policy applies to both in-person and online activities. Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately.

Not Only Larp volunteers and committee members are also subject to the anti-harassment policy. We will provide members of the Safety Team detailed instructions and training procedures in case of a violation of code emergency. Attendees can report harassment at any time:. Before the event: If you are privy to information about harassment toward yourself or someone else by someone in the community at large, please email us at consciencelarp. Please include as many details as you consider necessary. These messages will remain strictly confidential, known only the Safety Team.

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Reports received about registered attendees before the event are subject to the same consequences as those received during the game. During the event: If a violation of the Code of Conduct transpires, please inform as soon as you consider necessary to a member of the Safety Team. You can reach them personally or through any other member of Not Only Larp Team or by phone or chat. After the event: You may choose to wait until after the event to report a violation, in which case, please email consciencelarp. Disciplinary Steps are organized into two levels based upon the severity of the violation.

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Level 2: Removing the individual from the game and, potentially, from future Not Only Larp events. Play to flow. This game is designed to offer you the chance to experience life as your character, albeit during a short period of time and in a controlled environment. It will be a successful experience if you flow with what happens to your character and lift the play of your coplayers. There are no objectives that will cause you to win or lose.

The only thing we ask of you is to be in your character's shoes, to connect with what they feel, to think the way they would think, and behave in the way they would behave, all the while allowing your character to make their own decisions. You are your own game master , of course within the limitations of the game- and safety rules. We trust our players to be involved in the whole process, from the character creation phase to the end of the event.

Several Practical Cases of Conscience Resolved - Christian Classics Ethereal Library

That's why, once the game starts, you don't need to ask us permission to do something or to decide if your character would think or do something. Your character sheet is yours. Read it, study it, cry on it, transform it and play it.. What you see is what there is to see. There are no magic ability cards that can save you.

All you see will be part of the game and you will have to deal with the consequences. Respect other people's experiences and safety: avoid any behaviour or attitude that can hurt the immersion or the experience of other players but also keep in mind that safety comes first. There will be secrets. There are some stories that we want to be revealed in-game.

So please be careful about the information you share with others out of game. Every character could have different levels of knowledge about different plots. The off game use of any kind of electronic devices tablets, phones, computers, etc during the game should be discussed with the organizers. Only organisers can use it, although we will rarely do so. Vision This larp is an original creation inspired among other things on HBO's Westword TV Show, but does not use characters or follows the plot from the series.

The Experience The in-game location will be both the wild west theme park Conscience and the headquarters of the company that owns the park, Aleph. Language: English.

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