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If you don't have time to make a song, search YouTube. Chances are is there will be some sort of relevant song.

How to make studying chemistry fun and interesting

You might want to start with the Animaniacs. If you are the creative type take a song and wipe out all the lyrics and put your study material in there and sing it to the tune of your chosen song. If you just sing their songs to yourself it can help you to ace that test! Be sure to print out the lyrics to the songs and make it a point to sing the song at least once a night so you'll remember it. Make flash cards.

The best site on the internet to make flashcards on is Quizlet. When making your flashcards, always do the term in capital letters and the definition in lowercase letters. Using different handwriting, colors, and decorating your flashcards will help you remember them. Be sure that you actually USE your flashcards. Just making them won't do anything for you at all. Go over your notes and draw pictures. For example, If one of your notes is "Ohio produces more cheese than Wisconsin", draw some cheese and a picture of Ohio smiling and Wisconsin frowning.

This works really well if you are a visual learner. Make an easy retrieval table. Get a piece of large A4 paper and rule a table. Use bright color pencils, highlighters etc.

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For example,for history you could use neon green for dates, blue for the names of important people, and purple for what significant things they did. If you are reading your textbook, use funny accents or weird voices. It is also good if you record yourself and listen to the recording at least once every night. This is helpful in literature and history textbook. Use mnemonic devices.

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Make small posters that you can hang up around your room or around your house. Decorate them and draw pictures. On the night before the test or quiz, present and explain them to your family. If you need to study for a spelling test, eat alphabet cereal in the morning! Have a parent or sibling read a word from your list to you. If you spell the word correctly with the cereal, you can eat it!

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  • If you work well with computers, you don't have to stick to handwriting your notes, which can take forever and it can be very mind-numbing. Go ahead and use the computer if you find it much easier to type. You could create a cool animation with a voice-over, a Prezi presentation, a multimedia PowerPoint slideshow with music, pictures and video. If you write your notes on a Word Document, personalize them by creating your own personal logo and using it as a letter-head - and that way nobody can steal your notes. Have a parent or older sibling that didn't take the test grade it.

    If you feel confident, you can grade it yourself. If you have to take a test on some boring book in English class, try replacing the characters in the story with characters from video games, TV shows, or characters from any other forms of media if you can. This makes the material a LOT more interesting. Try a change of scenery. Bonus: someone there may be able to help you with your homework!

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    Just try your best, don't overtax yourself and you'll do well. The more fun, the more worthwhile! Play math games online or play a writing game on paper! Try writing spelling words out 5 times. This will help you memorize them quickly. Method 2. If you have an older sibling at home, you can study together so you have company. If you do not have one, you can ask your mom whether you may go over to your buddies house that is in your class and maybe play a studying game, but be sure to get the needed studying done.

    Talk out loud. Everyone learns differently, and for some, talking out loud helps cement ideas into your head. Discuss sample test questions or homework problems with each other. Quiz each other. Race against each other. The slowest person loses. However, this method might not be the best method as it isn't always fair - some people would rather take their time.

    We Will Teach You How to Make Homework Fun

    Invent crazy punishments to motivate you and your friends if you just can't be bothered studying. For example the first person to leave without finishing their assignment isn't allowed to go to the upcoming school formal. You can create a scenario and make a short play or skit with a friend. Pretend you're a character from TV or Broadway etc - or make up your own character.

    Physically turn your notes into a script and memorize your 'lines' by talking it out loud, over and over again. Then when you memorize the entire script, talk out loud as you would if you were your chosen character. You could even use funny accents if you like, you could even sing it Broadway-style.

    If you're really confident, you can perform the skit in front of friends, teachers, parents etc It helps if you are a tactile learner you learn by touching or a verbal learner you learn by talking. It seems a bit crazy at first but when you think about it, it actually works, especially if you do it with a friend.

    By looking at it this way, it doesn't seem like boring study at all! Study in the same place quietly, and take a break every half hour or hour. Do something fun, such as watch TV or play video games or a board game. The answer to this depends on your personal preferences. Some people find that the study group or pair option helps them to stay motivated and learn a lot through exchanging information, testing each other and discussing hard problems, etc.

    However, others find it to be distracting, especially if it ends up in gossiping, playing games or chilling out instead of studying. You'll need to try both ways out, to assess what works best for you, without assuming there is either a right or a wrong way. Yes No. Not Helpful 17 Helpful The best way is to not be at home where there is a large amount of distractions. Try going to a library or somewhere where you're forced to sit and study. Make sure you put your phone on vibrate and only check it when you take breaks every 30 minutes.

    Not Helpful 9 Helpful Of course! Many of this methods will work just fine if you are studying for a test or exam. In addition to these methods, try not to think about whether or not you will pass your exam. This may cause you to start worrying. It is a lot more difficult to have fun while you are feeling worried or stressed.

    Not Helpful 22 Helpful You don't need to copy others.

    How to Learn Italian (and Have Fun Studying!) | Espresso by Select Italy

    Think about yourself. Breaks are necessary to freshen up your mind and increase concentration.

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    • Not Helpful 11 Helpful Just enough time to refresh your mind; 10 or 15 minutes is plenty. For example, during my freshman year, I tried to study with people at my dorm… But all we ended up doing was opening up Duke Nukem Soundboard and wasting all of our time. The key with study partners is to be selective and to find someone who stays on task.

      For example, almost every morning I make a pot of my favorite cinnamon clove tea and sip it while I do my writing. While rewards may come in the form of big, one-off returns — like getting a good grade, being able to graduate college, and not having to live in a van down by the river — rewards can also mean smaller, but equally rewarding payoffs. These smaller rewards can be an effective incentive to finishing your assignments, or even just to putting in a certain amount of time into studying that day.