Things no one tells you about being a mom

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Actually, make that "no mom has any idea what she's doing. You figure it out as you go along.

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You make plenty of mistakes, save many a day, and together with your baby you learn and grow Many tears will be shed. Your baby's and yours. Babies cry no matter how good of a job you are doing. Sometimes, they cry really hard and for so long that you think they'll never stop. There are times when you'll join them, crying from exhaustion, frustration, hormones and a whole host of rioting emotions that become a part of you when you become someone's mother.

There's comfort in reminding yourself that the crying will stop -- it always does -- and if you're lucky, you'll shed many more tears of joy than any other kind. Your old life is gone, but certainly not forgotten. Bringing home a new baby changes everything. Your identity, marriage and your daily routine may seem like someone else's.

No matter how much you promise yourself that you'll never lose sight of who you were before you became a parent, you can't help but become somewhat of a new person. It's completely normal and understandable to miss the past, the old you and your old life. As your baby grows and becomes less dependent, it'll become a little easier to reconnect with your old ways.


That woman you used to be is still in there. You'll enjoy meeting at least a part of her, again someday. When you run into someone while out shopping and your little one wraps their arm around your leg and peeks out from behind you. I loved that feeling of being the one she trusted to protect her. Loved it! You LONG for the day when your baby stops babbling and crying and would just talk already… then, it happens.

9 Things No One Told You About Becoming a New Parent

And true, its the real stuff no one told you about being a mother. One thing no one told me was that even a trip to the toilet where you have time to sit there and veg out for a few minutes and read a magazine, or a nice hot bath can also be considered a real treat when you become a mom…even those small things, but in the end all the sacrifices are worth one winning smile from your child!

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Ok so im a proud mom of a healthy and very busy 2year old boy.. I dont think she knows it or does itnon purpose but she does make me feel like my child is second best to hers and I end up feeling like I dont have control over the situation. Shes got all the help and support she needs,while I on the other handmust do everything myself..

You should post this in the Mom Meet Mom forum and see what other moms think. And at the end of the day, for your own good, you might consider finding additional mom friends near you.

22 Things No One Told You About Motherhood | Parents

Sometimes when we get so close to just one mom, we can be harsh to one another without trying because there is no one else. I would try to rally 2 other mama friends to balance your social time. Good luck. Click here to cancel reply. Now you tell us — what truth about motherhood do you wish someone had told you?

Comments comments. L January 7, Reply. Christa January 9, Reply. Amanda January 8, Reply. Carol January 9, Reply. Lou January 10, Reply. Crysten, Mom of two boys, 4. Christa January 11, Reply. Bleeding, infections, poor latch, cluster feedings—are you sure women have been doing this for hundreds of years?

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Don't be afraid to ask for help. That dirty look you shot the parents with the screaming baby on the plane a few years ago? You had no idea, and you would go back in time and take it back a thousand times if you could.

Now, post-baby, you exchange understanding looks and what-can-you-do shrugs with other women in the mama sisterhood. If it will keep your baby happy and comfortable, you'll do it, no matter how foolish you look. That includes making monkey sounds, speaking in baby talk, and tickling your kid's butt.

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Do not look at post-Violet pictures of Jennifer Garner in a bikini. You're fragile enough as it is, postpartum. Go ahead and do Pilates, do crunches until the cows come home, but your prebaby abs have left the station. The more important thing is: you won't care. Adding a baby to the mix has some quirky effects. If you and your mother-in-law have never seen eye-to-eye, you may be surprised to discover that a baby provides new common ground.

You both find him adorable! She may shock you with her nonjudgmental advice and appreciation of your mothering. And even if she's not your biggest fan, she may hold her tongue when she never has before because she knows you have the power to grant her access to her grandchild. On the flip side, if you and your mother-in-law have always been superclose, a baby could create unexpected tension. She may barrage you with unsolicited advice. If you're experiencing baby-related conflicts with your husband, she may side with him. Retain your manners, trust your instincts, and your relationship with her will survive.

Take the number of hours you stared, enchanted, into the face of your high school boyfriend.

You Won’t Feel Like a Mom Right Away (and 8 Other New-Parent Truths)

Multiply that by for the amount of time you will stare at the face of your sleeping child. You will make friends with people you never thought you would be friends with. Momdom creates strange alliances.

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You connect with a random woman in the playground about your shared nursing difficulties or about the anguish of letting your child cry it out at night. Suddenly, you're allies for life. Sadly, there's a corollary: be prepared for friendships to fall by the wayside after you have kids. You may no longer have the energy to make longstanding, if troubled, relationships work.