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A packed Arnaud C.

Mobile Telecommunications Co KSC Altman Z-Score Calculation

The compelling series concluded with Retherford emerging victorious, clinching the 65 kg World Team spot with a victory. While Diakomihalis needed to win two-straight matches to take the World Team spot, Retherford only needed to win one match because he won the first Final X: Rutgers bout in June, Initially he was awarded the second match at Final X: Rutgers, However, an independent arbitrator ruled that an improper challenge occurred, and therefore the match had to be re-wrestled.

Despite the low score, the match was filled with excitement, and the gym bristled with energy. While both wrestlers received loud cheers, Retherford graduated from Benton Area High School, which is only 45 minutes from Wilkes-Barre and seemed to have a larger hometown crowd. All of the scoring occurred in the first period. Diakomihalis earned the first point on a failed Retherford challenge.

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This ratio continually outperforms other profitability measures, including cash flow. Read more about Altman Z-score and the original research.

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